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Jacques and Esther Ruah were both born in Caracas, Venezuela to traditional Jewish families. They met each other in Caracas (actually Puerto Azul, a beach club near Caracas) and got married 25 years ago. They have three beautiful children, Lara, Miranda & Armando, and actually acquired a fourth this year, their dear son-in-law, Edmond, as they had the blessing to marry off their our oldest daughter this past February. Jacques works for the family business and Esther with her artist’s sensibility and passion for her family, creates a loving and beautiful home for the family.
The Ruah Family was always involved in helping the community in any way they could while still in Venezuela. When they moved to Miami in December 2009, they joined Aventura Chabad as their community Synagogue and have developed a sense of belonging and commitment to our community. We are very proud to honor Jacques & Esther Ruah with the Keter Shem Tov Award!
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Elias Levy was born in Mexico on April 16, 1966 into a beautiful, traditional Jewish family. At the age of 9, the family moved to Guadalajara, México where he studied and graduated from The American School. He spent one year in Israel working on a Kibutz and upon his return to Mexico, got involved in the family business. He later opened his own factory which he owned and operated successfully for more than 15 years.
Married at 26 to his Eishet Chayil, Denisse, he is the proud father of two beautiful girls, Estrella & Ariela. The Levy’s moved to Miami in the year 2000 for a business opportunity and in search of a better Jewish life for the whole family. Two years later Elias sold his business in Mexico and focused on growing in all areas and aspects of his life: business, family and spiritual. Discovering great love and thirst in studying, Elias began learning and observing Torah and Mitzvot. Today he is a regular fixture at Aventura Chabad’s daily Minyan and fully supports all the work and growth of our community. We are proud to honor Elias Levy as our Man of the Year! 
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Jael Toledo is a Marriage and Family Therapist, Author, Keynote Speaker and the Founder of “Who The @$&#%! Am I?” series of self help workbooks for women. Jael is married to Jacky Korn and is the proud mother of Marcos, Sary & Moi. A devoted wife, mother, daughter and friend, Jael was born in Miami and raised in Medellin, Colombia. She served for the Israeli Army as a young adult and has been living in Miami since 2001.
Community & volunteer work has been a very big part of her upbringing starting with being a member of Wizo, working with domestic violence survivors, poverty and others. She also co-founded the Or Gadol program at the JCC, providing after school programming for children with autism. Jael has been instrumental in building the Bat Mitzvah Club at Aventura Chabad, lending her professionalism and passion to support the girls and their mothers as they take the journey into womanhood. Young leadership, commitment & passion for the growth of our community, especially for young families have become a priority. Aventura Chabad is proud to honor Jael with the Eishet Chayil Award, so truly deserved!