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Super Sunday Photos

Every morning we have circle time with our friends.


We daven (pray) & sing songs.



We love to incorporate the Mitzvah of Tzedaka  & encourage our friends every time they do a good deed!


Please send a Mitzvah Note that we can read aloud.  


We make brachot (blessings) over the food.

Please send a small snack and water bottle.

Upcoming events
Nov. 28, 2018
Bring the Joy of Chanukah to children in our community by bringing a TOY with you to gift wrap at the party! Light the Menorah, wrap your gift, Chanukah craft, songs & games!
Dec. 02, 2018
A tasting tour around the store.
Dec. 07, 2018
Full course dinner. Entertainment for adults and program for kids.
Don't forget to bring in your Mitzvah notes & Tzedakah!