I’m so happy to have found such a wonderful Hebrew school program for my son! It’s been such a fantastic experience for us, and so so wonderful to witness him receive such a positive Jewish education in a loving environment.

My children have been attending the Hebrew School at Aventura Chabad for the past 3 years. It’s incredible to see how they have progressed. They truly have inculcated a love for learning Hebrew, holidays and mitzvot. They both look forward to their classes each Sunday.

My children had a lot of fun going every Sunday! They were able to meet and make friends, enjoy each activity, and learn a little more about our Jewish history in a fun way.

Hebrew School has been such a positive experience for all 3 of my kids! Not only do they get to spend Sunday mornings with the most amazing Morahs, but they also learn a lot! They came out perfectly knowing the Hebrew Alphabet which was a great introduction for their Bar Mitzvah classes! The Morahs were always very sweet and loving and truly tend to each kid's neshama!

Maya A. 

My son started Hebrew school this year at Aventura Chabad and we cannot stress enough how amazing this school year has been. The teachers and administration were incredibly professional, caring and dedicated to the success of the kids. The teachers taught the kids so much, from the Hebrew alphabet, to praying, to Jewish holidays. If a child needed extra help, there was always someone to help. My son waited every week for Sunday to arrive so he could go to Hebrew School. I am so grateful for this program and would recommend it to any family looking for Jewish education for their kids. 

Aileen W.