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The tradition of Mikvah and the laws of Family Purity are central to Jewish life. Discover more about the tradition that can become a rich and fulfilling part of your marriage.
Mikvas Am Kadosh



The Mikvah is open by appointment only! Please call 786-277-0336.

The Ladies Mikvah at Aventura Chabad is open with restrictions - Only for locals! Please do ALL preparations at home. *No baths or showers at the Mikvah.* Please bring your own towel, bathrobe, slippers. We are cleaning surfaces in between each lady very carefully but we need your cooperation to keep the experience safe. Please pass on this message to your friends. Thank you for your cooperation. 


1. Women with  any potential symptoms of COVID-19.  These include fever (>100.4F), cough, shortness of breath or sore throat. Women who have had symptoms should be asked to avoid the  mikvah for at least 7 days after symptoms began  and for at least three days after fever or cough has resolved, even if they have not been tested or have had negative COVID-19 testing. 

2. Women who have been exposed to a person with known or suspected COVID-19 should be asked not to utilize the  mikvah for 14 days following the last exposure. 

3. Women who have traveled in the past 14 days to one of the CDC designated Level 3 Travel Restriction areas  (CDC Travel Guidelines

4. Women instructed to be in voluntary or precautionary quarantine by their local department of health should not utilize the  mikvah until they have completed their quarantine.

5. Women who test positive for COVID-19 should delay mikvah use until cleared by the local department of health to leave isolation.

The Women's Mikvah at Aventura Chabad is a luxurious, state of the art facility. Everything that is necessary for preparation is provided by the Mikvah. It is under the direction of Rebbetzin Zipora Brusowankin, the Mikvah Lady and is authorized by Rabbi Pinchas Weberman. 

Mikvah Hours
Regular Information (not during Covid)
Opening Times
Sunday through Thursday - Half hour before immersion time.  (immersion time is at Nightfall)
Friday Night & Jewish Holidays - By appoinment only and can be made by calling the office during the week at: 305-933 0770.

S aturday Night & After Jewish Holidays - Half hour after Shabbat / Holiday ends.

Closing Times

AUG - SEP - OCT - 10:00 PM every night

NOV - DEC - JAN - FEB - MAR - 9:30 PM every night

APR - MAY - 10:00 PM every night

JUNE - JULY - 10:30 PM every night


Aventura Chabad Members $15
Non-Members $25